Back to school life hacks & DIYs

School can be really boring and really complicated with all the information we have to learn. But these life hacks will -hopefully- make your school year a little bit easier!

Let's start!


Use each highlighter to highlight something different. Write it on the highlighter or use washi tape. This way, you'll remember things easier.


Pink: Facts
Orange: Names
Yellow: Important 
Green: Dates and locations 


You'll never loose your supplies again! If someone steals you supplies, you'll get them back every time! Use washi tape (again - washi tape is SO useful) on your supplies to make them unique. This way, you'll know that it's yours and if you do all your supplies the same way, you'll have proof.

If you decide to do this on a glue stick ⬆️, please remember to remove the plastic wrap with a knife carefully.

You can also write your name on.


Bobby pins are really important especially if you have long hair. But you can easily lose them inside your bag (plus they get dirty).
To avoid that, use an empty and clean tic-tac -or any other- container and decorate it however you want (I used washi tape and a sticker). Place your pins inside and you are ready!

You can use a gum container to store hair ties. 

You need to keep your headphones untangled so to achieve that, wrap them around your hand and use a hair clip to keep them in that ''shape''. And you have an extra hair clip for emergency. Your welcome.

Clip some binder clips on your desk to keep your chargers/cords tidy.
15 Brilliant New Uses For Binder Clips

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Extra hacks: (Thank you Pinterest 🙏)
The 12 Hacks That Will Improve Your Studying Infographic present a fun list of hacks that can help you improve study habits and will help you study smarter.

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I hope these life hacks/DIYs will help you during this school year!

Do you have any life hacks you want to share? Comment them!

-xo Mardi 💕


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