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Washi tape decor

Hey guys!! It's Katie, welcome back to our blog. Today i'll be showing you some really cute ways you can use washi tape to decorate your "normal"things. So if you want to see them keep scrolling😊

1. Decorate your keyboard.

2. Decorate your keys.

3. Decorate your charger.

4. Decorate your planner

5. Decorate your binder

6. Decorate your phone case

If you make any of these send us a picture on instagram at

~xo Katie!!

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Acne tips

Hello! Happy weekend!! Today I'm doing a post about something that bothers many girls and boys.
Many teens have acne (including myself) so in this post I'm sharing my tips to help these teens and the ones that haven't, so they can keep their skin glowing!

#1 Drink more water. 

#2 Wash your face in the morning when you wake up and at night before sleep. Keep your face clean and remove any makeup before sleep.
#3 Use natural aloe vera gel to fade your scars. You can find many natural homemade recipes/masks online.  Tell us if you would like to see a post with the best DIY natural masks!
#4 Drink less fizzy drinks and eat healthier. Tomatoes, strawberries and watermelons are so tasty, healthy and good for the skin!

#5 Another natural lotion is tea tree oil. This is good for cleaning the skin, killing bacteria and fade scars. You can buy it from the body shop.

#6 Visit the dermatologist. He'll tell you advices based on your skin type.
#7 Stress less! Relax, everything is going to b…


Hello! ❤️ *Please read*
I know we've been inactive for a while but we are preparing some posts. We also have homework so we don't have much free time. Hope you can understand us. We'll post as often as we can, we promise.You can follow us on Instagram at to contact us. We answer to everyone, we follow you back and we like your posts. You go follow us! We're active everyday there. Leave us a "πŸ‘“" if you are from the blog!!We love you! -xo Mardi πŸ’• (and I'm sure Katie agrees πŸ˜‚)

DIY mini box out of paper!

Hello! I'm Mardi and I'm here with a DIY (YAY)! 😊

I'm going to show you how to make cute mini boxes out of two square pieces of paper! No glue or scissors required! 

Start with one square piece with the color or pattern of your choice (or take an A4 sheet of paper and cut it). 

#1 Fold it in half from both sides so when you open it you have something like this:

#2 Now fold all the corners inside so they touch the center of the paper.

#3 Fold the two sides so you have something like this:

#4 Open them and do the same thing with the other two sides. When you open all the sides you should have something like this:

#5 Open two ''triangles'':

#6 Fold the other two corners up so they form the two sides of the box:

#7 And now, ford up the ''triangles'' you opened before, then fold them down and you are done!

Now it's time to do the lid!